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Kayts Mechanical specializes in design, engineering, installation and service for industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. We also provide service and installation for residential, commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Established in 1985, Kayts Mechanical has been providing North America with the most efficient, economical and advanced refrigeration and HVAC solutions for countless businesses and facilities. We have a strong focus on utilizing technological innovation to create solutions which are reliable, cost effective and efficient.

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Commercial & Industrial HVAC Systems

Kayts Mechanical Service Ltd provides service and installations for various Commercial / Industrial HVAC and Refrigeration systems. Our technicians are fully licensed with years of experience to ensure quality service for your business. Since 1985, we have handled sales, installation and service for a wide variety of commercial applications. Some of these include apartment complexes, condominiums, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, retail stores, restaurants, fast food franchises, supermarkets and convenience stores. At Kayts Mechanical, we are committed to providing quality service and getting it fixed the first time.